Multi-Channelling - Intelligent ways to build customer loyalty

Users of financial websites are increasingly mobile and active in social networks. For example, according to the UK Office of National Statistics, in the UK both mobile access to the web and social networking sites is increasing - with 45 per cent of Internet users accessing the Internet via a mobile phone and 57 per cent of adult users being connected to social networking sites.

What’s more, 60 per cent of retail banking customers said they use social media, 24 percent of this group indicated they use it to discuss their banking experience or inform their bank of a customer service issue. This can also lead to a growing demand to be kept informed of financial developments,
as and when they happen, so as to be able to react quickly to them.

To attract this new generation of customers, banks need to be present in the same channels. Therefore, mobile solutions that provide investors and wealth managers with added value, when they are on the move, should play a vital role in a bank’s multi-channel strategy. This includes financial information such as share prices, news and market summaries, as well as specific functionality like portfolio reporting and management that can be customised to users’ personal requirements.

Recent surveys show that banks have started to react to these developments
  and integrate apps in their multi-channel strategies – however, progress is still rather slow. The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management states that only half of the 100 largest banks and wealth management firms worldwide offer mobile applications to their clients that are more sophisticated than simple online banking tools used for money transfer purposes.

Given the success of smartphones and tablet computers and the fact that mobile access to the Internet has already outpaced access via desktop browsers, banks have to catch up to stay competitive.

Follow Your Customer - A technology for all channels

Interactive Data offers a technological basis for all channels: In step with the “Follow your customer” approach, banks and providers of financial websites using PrimePortal or PrimeDeveloper solutions from Interactive Data can provide their employees and customers with a mobile solution that offers the same range of real-time quotes, master data, charts, business news and market overviews as the respective desktop version . Additionally, the same personal configuration options are available and can be operated intuitively. Portfolios and watch lists can also be managed while on the move. Whether it is current value, weight, performance of individual positions or entire portfolios, it can be monitored and updated in real-time, assisting banks to meet their target groups wherever they are.

PrimeTerminal users who work with a BlackBerry® smartphone can also use their terminal from outside the office; PrimeTerminal Mobile for Blackberry®devices offers access to financial market data in real- time and replicates the user’s personal portfolio settings. Portfolios and watchlists help to check the performance of individual positions or an entire portfolio.

A consolidated technological basis is the key factor

With its strong, consolidated market data platform, Interactive Data provides an intelligent technological basis for implementing successful multichannel strategies. Smart applications for current mobile devices, operating systems and online channels can be programmed with rich Internet technologies like Javascript, Flash und AJAX. The solutions have a client-specific design and content scope and can be integrated into existing system landscapes. They are therefore consistent with the corresponding portal or terminal solution, and offer the added value of synchronisation, which means that data and functionality are simulateously updated in every channel. All changes and personal settings are applied via a back channel in the system and are then available in the other channel.

Interactive Data’s services can efficiently help support financial institutions in operating cost effective channels, based on lean structure and embedded internal sales and transaction processes. This is designed to enable a company to have a uniform brand identity, and be well placed to position itself in new media.

More Information: Web-based Solutions and Desktop Solutions from Interactive Data.

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